How To Protect Your Car’s Paint

Maybe you just purchased a new car, or perhaps you just got a new paint job. We know how beautiful it can be, so it’s ok to simply stand there sometimes, mesmerized by that glossy exterior. Of course you want to keep that paint looking fresh and shiny for as long as possible! Here are some tips to help you maintain that shine.

Wash Regularly

The best thing you can do to protect your car’s finish is to keep it clean. That dirt, grime, and residue that accumulates on your vehicle can have an acidic effect, eating through those layers of finish. As a general rule, car care experts recommend washing your car every two weeks. Be sure to rinse thoroughly to remove any soaps and chemicals, and dry with a clean, soft towel to avoid water spots.

Polish With Wax

A layer of wax will serve to protect your paint from damaging dirt and sun rays. When it comes to wax, more is not better. Only one layer of wax at a time will bond to the paint, so adding too much at a time can make your finish pasty and cloudy. You don’t need to wax every time you wash your car either. Adding one layer of wax every two to three months right after washing is ideal.

Park In The Shade

We all know that the sun produces radiation that is harmful to our skin. While a car’s finish is much more durable than human skin, it too will fade and flake if it endlessly sits in the sun. It’s ideal to park in a garage or under a carport to avoid sun damage, but parking under a tree can also help. However, when parking under a tree, be mindful of bird droppings and sap. You will want to wash that residue off your car more frequently if you cannot park in a garage.

Use A Car Cover

If you must park your car outside, consider purchasing a quality cover for your vehicle. Research your purchase beforehand, as some low-quality covers could scratch your paint, defeating their entire purpose.

If you have been in a collision that has damaged your car’s precious paint job, reach out to the pros at Collision Correction & Customs. We will help your car look better than new with no appointment necessary!

Photo by arturmarciniecphotos from Getty Images via Canva Pro