5 Keys To Defensive Driving

The road can be a dangerous place. Between dazed deer and distracted drivers, what seems like a simple drive can hold a lot of surprises. The best way to avoid an accident is to practice anticipating hazards and plan a way around them. This practice is called defensive driving.

Safety First

Your primary objective any time you are on the road is to arrive alive. Your and your passengers’ safety is more important than any conversation, music, or road trip game. While those things are great to help keep you alert, avoid being distracted from your mission. Always put safety first.

Be Aware

When you drive, be alert and focused. Don’t drive when drowsy, and never drive after drinking! Keep your eyes on the road in front of you, but check your rearview and side mirrors frequently.

Watch For Others

As you scan the road, pay special attention to the other vehicles. If you ever see another car driving erratically, avoid driving near it. Never assume that other drivers can see your vehicle or that they will make sound judgments. You never know what is going on in that vehicle, so be prepared for the worst. This is probably one of the most important parts of defensive driving. Driving is not a game to win.

Leave Space

The greatest chance of a collision is in front of your car. It’s essential to leave enough space between vehicles for braking. Pick a spot on the road and begin counting when the vehicle in front of you passes that spot. If you can’t count to at least three seconds before your car reaches that same spot, you need to allow more space between your vehicles. Allow more space under wet conditions.

Plan An Escape

Be prepared for anything, and think through different scenarios as you drive. If a car were to cross the median, where would you steer? What would you do if someone were to fly up from the rear without slowing down? Don’t allow yourself to be stuck in a situation with no route for escape.

No one wants to be involved in an accident, but there are clear steps you can take to make yourself safer on the road. But accidents do still happen. If you’ve had a collision, reach out to the specialists at Collision Correction and Customs. We’re here to help with all your auto body repair needs.

Photo by anyaberkut from Getty Images via Canva Pro