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Collision Auto Paint ServicesHave you ever been driving around southern Wake County, NC, and seen a car with mismatched paint? Or a car that looks like it is peeling from a bad sunburn and needs lotion? Both these are signs that a car was probably in a collision, and the paint job performed after the repairs was not up to par. At Collision Correction and Customs in southern Wake County, NC, we believe that the paint job on a collision repair is every bit as important as the body restoration and mechanical fixes. Your car is a huge part of your life, and you want it to look its best. So if you’ve had the unfortunate luck of being in an auto accident, know that the team at Collision Correction and Customs will get your damage fixed and guarantee all the work we do.

Collision Auto Paint Services Southern Wake County NC

When you were purchasing your vehicle, what was the first thing about it you noticed? Most people would say the color. A brand new red sports car, a shiny blue sedan, or a sleek, black truck, all have their charms. Even if your vehicle has been in an accident, you still want it to look as good after repairs as it did the day you got it, right? That’s why the team at Collision Correction and Customs in southern Wake County takes extra care to make sure your vehicle not only runs fine after a collision but looks good too. We use computerized paint-matching technology to decipher the exact color of your car’s paint accurately. Then, when repairs are completed, we make sure the paint job is identical to the rest of the vehicle and applied with care and looking great.

Collision Auto Paint Services Near Me

As we mentioned before, we’ve all seen those damaged cars on the streets of southern Wake County. Mismatched paint, peeling paint, missing paint… no one should drive around in a car that looks like that. Instead of worrying about the paint job on your vehicle after a collision repair, bring it to the team of paint service experts at Collision Correction and Customs. Not only can you count on our team to get your car back into shape, you know the paint services we provide will be top-of-the-line and look great for the entire life of your vehicle. Don’t take a chance with some other collision repair shop painting your car the wrong color; stop by Collision Correction and Customs today – no appointment needed.

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