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Working With INS CompanyWe here at Collision Correction and Customs in southern Wake County, NC, understand how tough being in an auto accident can be. Dealing with car repairs is hard enough, but sometimes navigating the process with an insurance company can be stressful as well. That’s why we take such pride in our ability to help you deal with your insurance company and get you back driving as quickly and with as little impact on your wallet as possible.

Collision Insurance Southern Wake County NC

At Collision Correction & Customs, we take a great deal of pride in our relationships and ability to work with insurance companies. There are steps you can take to make the process easier as well. Documenting the accident is probably the number one way to make sure the insurance company will help pay for repairs. Taking detailed pictures of both vehicles involved in the accident can easily show who is at fault and more clearly inform the insurer of the damage. Documenting every aspect of the accident can make dealing with the insurance company easier, and we can help guide you through the next steps.

We Work With Your Insurance Company

After the accident and with proper documentation in hand, you’ll want to get your vehicle into the bays at Collision Correction and Customs in southern Wake County, NC. We will perform a free estimate anytime between 8:00 am – 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, and we will share that estimate with both you and your insurance company. This estimate will detail every problem with the vehicle and the cost to fix it. If you do sign off on repairs, we will stay in close contact with you and your insurance company throughout the repair process, informing you immediately if we find further damage. Once the work is complete, we will work closely with both you and the insurer to see that the bill is paid and you leave our shop satisfied. At Collision Correction and Customs in southern Wake County, NC, we understand that auto accidents are a headache enough without having to deal with the insurance company as well. That’s why our team of professional experts takes some of the stress out of the process for you, working with your insurer to make sure that you get as much financial help as you are owed. When it comes to making things with the insurance company more manageable, the name you can trust is Collision Correction and Customs. Call or swing by our shop today.

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