Hail Damage

Hail DamageResidents of southern Wake County, NC, are used to wild weather. We’ve had hurricanes, tornadoes, and all the weather that comes with living in the Southeast. Though infrequent, one of the most damaging weather occurrences we see here is hail. If you’ve ever been in a hail storm, you know firsthand how damaging this weather can be. It can destroy homes, businesses, and vehicles in a matter of minutes, and depending on the severity, hail can even be deadly. If your car has been caught in a hail storm, the pros at Collision Correction and Customs in southern Wake County, NC, are here to help.

Hail Damage Southern Wake County NC

During a storm, hailstones are formed inside clouds when frozen droplets begin to fall but are swept upwards by strong winds. As the frozen droplets fall and are pushed back up, they freeze and re-freeze into larger and larger frozen droplets. Eventually, these droplets, or hailstones, become too heavy to be swept up by the wind and they fall to the Earth. Hailstones can be tiny or even as large as softballs, but no matter the size, they can be damaging to nearly everything without a roof over it. Most people think of hail damage to cars as broken windshields or glass, but the body of the vehicle can and will sustain damage too. If you’ve ever seen a car with a roof and hood that look like the victim of a hammer attack, you are probably seeing hail damage.

Hail Damage Repair Near Me

So the storm has come and gone, and your poor vehicle has hail damage. While it might be easy to ignore this as it most likely doesn’t affect the driveability of your car, you shouldn’t. Your vehicle is a reflection of you, and driving around in a damaged car just isn’t a good look. Instead, drive your hail-damaged vehicle into the bays at Collision Correction and Customs in southern Wake County, NC. We perform free estimates every Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, and we would be happy to inspect any hail damage your vehicle has. We then share that estimate with you and your insurance company, and you can make the decision whether or not to have your hail-damaged vehicle repaired. If you do choose Collision Correction and Customs for your hail-damaged vehicle, you can be sure that your car will leave our lot looking better than ever. Call or make an appointment online today!

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